Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Can Kids Enter?

Yes!  There are classes for children starting from M/W10 (with kids younger than 10 participating).  All of our junior classes are especially designed for children and there are A and B options.

Orienteering builds self esteem, resilience and independence precisely by letting children make their own decisions and trusting them to go out alone. Yes – they will make mistakes but they will also find their own way back.


There is a M/W10N class for Kids turning 10 in 2020 or younger.  The “N” stands for “novice”. Guardians can shadow kids around their course. This means to encourage them to make their own decisions and quietly let them know if they are making major mistakes. Ideally you are there just in case they get very lost and upset. No places are awarded in M/W10N. There are kids who go out by themselves in M/W10A and places are awarded here.

Take note, as you enter you can request special start times if child care logistics are needed.