Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Turbo Chook 3 Days

Turbo Chook 3 Days Orienteering 2021

Over 3 days there’ll be 3 different ways to ruffle your feathers and get you squawking

Linked with the Schools Championships there’ll be a Sprint, Long and Middle format but each with a tweet worthy twist. This competition will be a fun and challenging, three day, cumulative time competition.

You will see in Eventor that a default entry is for all three days of the Turbo Chook but that you are able to enter single days or to deselect a day during the entry process.

Turbo Chooks are out and about at the moment, in full training, and squawking that they
can run faster than you – and boasting about it all the way! Will you be boasting in
September? For the chicken scratch’n nitty gritty go to Bulletins


There are 14 classes to choose from when you enter the Turbo Chook 3 days, with difficulty and approximate length as described. When entering, please select the appropriate class.

Classes Navigation Day 1 Sprint Day 2 Long Day 3 Middle (Schools Relay)
MA, WA (Schools Boys Senior) Hard 2.8 km 5.1 km 4.7 km
MB, WB (School Girls Senior) Hard 2.7 km 4.4 km 4.1 km
MC, WC Hard 2.5 km 3.2 km 2.8 km
MD, WD (School Boys Junior) Moderate 2.4 km 3.9 km 3.7 km
ME, WE (School Girls Junior) Moderate 2.1 km 2.9 km 3.0 km
MF, WF Easy 1.7 km 1.7 km 1.6 km
MG, WG Very Easy 1.0 km 1.4 km 1.5 km