Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

The plan is to go ahead, despite covid uncertainties

Keep your fingers and toes crossed!

The plan is to go ahead! And hope by September, things will be under control and you can make it to Tasmania.

For information on covid and Tasmania here is the Tasmanian Government covid website. This includes information on coming to Tasmania and transit through high risk areas. We recommend you follow this website to keep up to date with the situation.

Here is a message from the AOC2021 Director Warwick Moore as sent to entrants (15 July 2021):

The carnival in Tasmania will go ahead even if orienteers from some Australian states are unable to attend due to Covid lockdown. Orienteering Australia has given an assurance that the competition will still have Championship status.

For your information, Tasmania remains free of COVID.  There has not been a confirmed case of local transmission for over 12 months.  Direct flights into Tasmania continue to be available from all states and New Zealand.

We do remain subject to any decision by the Tasmanian Government to lock Tasmania’s borders. Recent decisions suggest that the government is now only closing the border to particular hotspots in mainland states.  However, in these times we appreciate that everything can change quickly. Nevertheless, the organisers are working flat out on the assumption that we will be able to conduct the championships.

For New Zealand entrants, the St Helens Respiratory Clinic will be arranging for sufficient Covid tests to be available in St Helens to facilitate you meeting the New Zealand government requirement that all returning travellers have a negative Covid test immediately prior to your arrival in New Zealand. This may change! There may be a need for testing to take place in Launceston. We are working to clarify things for you!