Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Save! Book your Rental with AutoRent Hertz

If you fly to Tasmania, you’ll need to rent a car or van!

AutoRent Hertz have come on board to support orienteers and AOC2021.

For participants, AutoRent Hertz are offering a 10% discount*. This is available with the Promo code ORIENT and will be applicable from 18 September to 9 October. This allows you a week either side of AOC2021, to bookend the carnival with sightseeing.

For Orienteering Tasmania as the organiser, AutoRent Hertz are providing commercial vehicles to help with the logistics. AutoRent Hertz have provided similar support for previous major carnivals (think Easter Tasmania 2018 and Oceania 2015). This makes life significantly easier for OT volunteers and helps to reduce organisation costs.

AutoRent Hertz supports Australian Orienteering Championships 2020

* AOC2021 nestles in with the Victorian school holidays which is a peak tourist time in Tassie and where rates across the board will almost certainly be high.