Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Know our Entry Fees & the Refund Policy.

***Entry fee tables are at the end. Scroll down!

Early Bird Entries: from 2 April to 31 May 2021 (NOW CLOSED)

Standard Entries: from 1 June – 5 September 2021


Family Rate: A family is defined as a maximum of 2 adults plus any number of their junior or sub-junior dependents. To qualify, all members of the family must be entered at the same time. The discount will then be applied automatically.

Junior: A junior is any person under 21 and running a Junior Class (ie M/W 20 or younger).  Juniors entering Adult Classes pay Adult Fees. A sub junior is anyone 12 and under.

Turbo Chook 3 Days: As a 3 day event you only need to enter once for all three days. You can not enter individual days. However, you are welcome not to run on any particular day (no refunds for missing a day will be available).

Australian Schools Championships: These are not open to everyone and if you are eligible, you can not enter these events direct. Learn how entry to the Australian Schools Championships works (including for both team members and endorsed runners).

Parking Permit Fee:  On any day, a parking permit fee may apply per vehicle. If applicable, it will be set out in the Final Bulletin. Any fee charged will go towards the provision of car parking, land owners and local causes.


Refund Policy

Here is our refund policy (note this does not apply for the Schools Championships which has a separate policy):

Dates You withdraw  Covid-19 reasons OR Event is Cancelled (see the small print #2)
Up to 31 May 2021 95% 100%
1 June – 5 September 2021 90% 90%
6 – 24 September At our discretion (see the small print #1)
From 25 September At our discretion (see the small print #1)
No refund

Contact us to apply for a refund up until and including 5 September 2021. After this time, the small print applies:

#1. If you withdraw from 6 September 2021 for reasons other than either Covid-19 reasons or Event Cancellation, any refund will be at our discretion. You will need to make a written request and set out a compelling reason(s), by email to

#2. Covid-19 reasons OR Event is Cancelled. The refunds in this column will be provided if you withdraw for Covid-19 reasons, OR if any event is cancelled due to any reason beyond our control. Reasons may include (but are not limited to) dangerous weather conditions, wildfire,
restrictions due to Covid-19 or because travel restrictions are in place due to Covid-19, and as a result your attendance is not reasonably possible. You will need to make a written request by email to


Entry Fee Tables

Adult entry fees for the Australian Championships in 2021 incorporate a small increase over those published for 2020. This is to cover the additional cost of conducting the championships in a Covid-safe way. Fees for juniors and sub-juniors have been held at 2020 levels.

Early Bird Entry Fees

From 2 April until 31 May (NOW CLOSD)

Adult Junior 12 and under
Australian Sprint Championships 40 27 18
Australian Middle Championships 50 33 22
Australian Long Championships 50 37 24
Australian Relay Championships 40 27 18
Turbo Chook 3 Days 81 57 36
Model 5 5 5
Tasmanian Middle Championships 30 20 10


Standard Entry Fees

From 1 June to 5 September

Adult Junior 12 and under
Australian Sprint Championships 45 30 20
Australian Middle Championships 55 37 25
Australian Long Championships 58 41 27
Australian Relay Championships 45 30 20
Turbo Chook 3 Days 99 63 42
Model Event 5 5 5
Tasmanian Middle Championships 35 22 15

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