Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Read our Entry Fees & Refund Policy.

Enter on the Day Fees:

You need to enter in advance to experience the full challenge but if you don’t want to commit to pre-entry, you can enter an easy course on the day. But make sure you read the fine print.

Enter on the Day entry fees per event: $20 cash per person / group if going out together with one map. The hire of a timing device is included in this entry fee. Parking fees may apply.

Pre-Entry Fees:

See Entry Fee Tables below.

Here are the things to take note of:

Early Bird Entries: are from 1 March – TBA 2021

Standard Entries: are from TBA – 22 August 2021

Late Entries: may be accepted at the discretion of Orienteering Tasmania. If accepted, a 25% late fee will apply – Contact us to make a late entry request.

Family Rate: When you enter you might be eligible to enter as a family. A family is 2 adults plus 1 or more children eligible to run in M/W 18 or younger.

Junior: A junior is any person under 21 and running a Junior Class (ie M/W 20 or younger).  Juniors entering Adult Classes pay Adult Fees.

Turbo Chook 3 Days: As a 3 day event you only need to enter once for all three days. You can not enter individual days. But you are welcome not to run on any particular day (no refunds for missing a day will be available).

Australian Schools Championships: You can not enter these events direct. To find out why go here.

In addition to entry fees these fees may also apply:

SI Air Card Hire Fee:  You may wish to hire an SI Air Card but this option is only available during the Earlybird entry period, or until stocks are exhausted. The hire fee will be $15 for the whole carnival irrespective of how many events you enter.

Parking Permit Fee:  A parking permit fee may apply per vehicle at events from a Parking Marshall on your arrival. If this is applicable it will be set out in the Final Bulletin. Any fee charged will go towards the provision of car parking, land owners and local causes.

Refund Policy

Contact us to apply for a refund.  Here is our refund policy (note this does not apply for the Schools Championships):

Up until and including TBA 2021 – Full fee less a 5% administration fee

From TBA until and including 22 August 2021 – 50%

From 23 August 2021 a partial refund may be provided at the discretion of Orienteering Tasmania.

Entry Fee Tables
Early Bird Entry Fees

from 1 February to 30 April

Adult Junior 12 and under
Australian Sprint Championships 36 27 18
Australian Middle Championships 45 33 22
Australian Long Championships 49 37 24
Australian Relay Championships 36 27 18
Turbo Chook 3 Days 75 57 36
Model 5 5 5
Tasmanian Middle Championships 27 20 13


Standard Entry Fees

from 1 May to 22 August

Adult Junior 12 and under
Australian Sprint Championships 40 30 20
Australian Middle Championships 50 37 25
Australian Long Championships 55 41 27
Australian Relay Championships 40 30 20
Turbo Chook 3 Days 84 63 42
Model Event 5 5 5
Tasmanian Middle Championships 30 22 15