Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020



Entries are now Open!
  • Early Bird Entries – 2 April to 31 May 2021
  • Standard Entries – 1 June to 22 August 2021
  • Late Entries – if accepted, a 25% late fee will be charged. To apply, Contact Us.

There will NOT be any Enter on the Day option due to Covid safe requirements i.e., you must enter in advance.

To enter: Go to Eventor*

But First – you might like to save yourself some grief, and read the 3 points below!

* Eventor is the online entry system for orienteering. If you are not already registered in Eventor, you will need to do this as a first step. To then work out how to enter through Eventor, you can  follow these instructions. Further, if you are new to major events orienteering, it is also a great idea to Read the Participation FAQS 

1.   To enter ALL events &/or Multiple People

If you go to the Eventor entry pages you will see a series of Check boxes on the far right of the line for each event.  If you click on the box you will see a tick appear in the box.  That means you have selected that event to enter.

Go down the list of events and tick the ones you wish to enter and then when you go to the next page in the entry process you will see all the events you ticked listed for you to check classes etc.  At that point there is a green link with “Cancel, change or add multiple entries” (or words to that effect) and you should click this link if you want to add other family members or club members to your mass entry.

Continue through the entry process and you will come to a summary with all the events you picked listed and the total price shown.  You then can pay for all at the same time.

2. Take a squiz at the Entry Fees & Refund Policy:

See the Entry Fees & Refund Policies to find out about: entry fees, family discounts, who classifies as a junior and sub junior, entry to the Schools Championships, and refunds in this Covid-19 era.

3. As you enter, get ready to:
  • request special start times due to exceptional circumstances (this includes carer logistics, tight travel times, or other compelling reasons) – please use the Split Start Times Form. We will consider but not necessarily grant your request.
  • complete a Risk Waiver
  • provide your timing device number (this can be updated at a later time by contacting us – not just by updating your details in Eventor). Every person needs their own, i.e. no sharing. You can use an SI Air Card (SIAC) (all events will use SIAC compatible controls) or an SI stick. But the memory on a P Card is limited to 18 controls which will not be enough for some events. Due to Covid safe requirements, there will be no devices available for hire. You can buy timing devices from Aussieogear or WildfireSports

the Australian Orienteering Championships is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania