Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Elites! Your chance for World Ranking Points.

The International Orienteering Federation IOF has confirmed World Ranking Event status for AOC2021. This will be for the 3 national individual championships (Sprint, Middle and Long).

FYI – here is the WRE Bulletin #1

Why are World Ranking Events important for elites?

Established in 1998, the WRE scheme was created by the IOF to provide a means of establishing qualification and starting orders for major IOF events such as World Cups and the World Orienteering Championships.

Each year, a number of IOF-sanctioned events are held by national orienteering federations. Competitors gain valuable ranking points which contribute to World Ranking Lists.

The chance to grab points in Australia means a lot to our elite orienteers, and New Zealand elites as well. Most WRE events are in Europe, and so the chance to get points close to home is too good to miss.