Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Embargoes, old maps & bulletins

Embargoes & old maps

To avoid disqualification – from now until the Carnival you must not visit Embargoed Areas. Here are the Old Maps.


Bulletins contain all the technical nitty gritty and practical tips you need to know about the Events.  Note: Specific “Schools Bulletins” will be published at Schools Championships.

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Bulletin 1:

Bulletin 1 will be out at least 6 months prior to the Carnival. 

Final Bulletin:

The Final Bulletin will be out at least 2 weeks before the Carnival and will contain the information set out below (any changes after the Final Bulletin will be flagged at Registration):

 full details of venues and travel directions
 description of terrain, climate and any hazards
 scale, contour interval of maps and any other relevant mapping
 start and finish procedures
 distances from parking to finish and finish to start(s)
 registration times, venue and procedure
 facilities available (changing, refreshments, etc)
 full start list for all classes
 any permitted deviations from the rules
 the length, total climb, number of controls and number of
refreshment controls on each individual course and, for relays, on
each leg
 notes on competition clothing, if necessary
 method of marking out of bounds areas and marked routes
 jury members’ names
 other information of interest.