Australian Orienteering Championships Tasmania 2020

Australian Schools Championships

Australian Schools Orienteering Championships 2021 All Events

Teams from across Australia & New Zealand Battle it Out

There are three Australian Schools Championships – Sprint, Long and Relay.  Only students in officially recognised teams or who are otherwise ‘endorsed’ are eligible to enter (see below).  Other students will be able to participate in the Turbo Chook 3 Days.

Competition Classes:

Junior Girls & Boys: born 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Senior Girls & Boys: born 2003, 2004, 2005

Schools Bulletins

To avoid disqualification – from now until the Carnival you must not visit Embargoed Areas. And here are the old maps.

Schools Bulletins will contain further technical nitty gritty & practical tips about the events and will be published here nearer to the Carnival.

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Entry to Schools Championships:
  1. Entry into these championships is through selection in state or New Zealand teams only.  And all entries will be made by team managers, which means that individual students can not enter these events independently.
  2. Students not selected in their state or New Zealand schools’ teams may nevertheless enter the races for “endorsed” runners. These students will run the same courses that will be used for the schools team runners. Students who wish to enter as “endorsed” runners will need to gain the endorsement of their state orienteering organisation. Entries for “endorsed” runners are unlikely to open until after school teams have been selected (late June). Entry fees and processes will be set out at this time.